A little about Rachel Klaver

If I can find one single thread that ties the jobs, the passion, the businesses I've owned, the people i've gathered around me... it's this

My heart SINGS when I see the light of understanding go on in someone's eyes.
I am FILLED with joy when I see someone learn, try and gain confidence in what they are doing

And the fact I now get to do that every single day in my business? LUCKIEST WOMAN EVER!

My offical job  is "chief small business marketing strategist, marketing coach, podcaster, columnist and co owner of Identify ( with my husband Rod)" (PHEW!)
What my title means for clients is very different for everyone.

I'm living a work life filled with  the culmination of best bits of the work I’ve done before - from teaching to blogging to freelance writing and having published books, to “wasting” SO many hours on social media as well as my stints in sales jobs, content creation and of course - being a mum ( some argue that’s not a job. But it sure feels like one at times!)

For everyone we work with - I’m your cheerleader. I love watching you learn, adapt and grow and will celebrate it with you. Even if you come to a free event and apply the learning I’m with you.

For some I’m your marketing strategist, perhaps with some digital marketing training, or coaching thrown in.

For others, I’m the person you’ll talk to when I’m working out the best fit for you, and then will keep you in sights as you work with our team

And for a few, I’m your longer term business/marketing coach, sidekick and advisor , working with you deeply on all of your business ( or just marketing for larger enterprises)

I’m a straight shooter who cares. I’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear, with your needs and goals at the heart of it all.

I’m passionate about growth, business health and business owner health. We care about margin, profit, and growing the business in the best direction for your goals. And of course - marketing.

I’m a hungry learner who loves to teach what she knows

I love we get to work with small to medium businesses ( I’ve worked with start ups to 50million turnover businesses)

I believe businesses grow best authentically while sticking to your values, principles and not making ego based decisions.

I love working with best-kept secrets because you understand the customer is at the heart of what you do. Just not enough of them know that yet.

I love working with business owners who need a confidence injection.

I’m here if either of those (or both) relate to you. Let's talk!


I'm in my forties, so it's getting increasingly hard to sum up what I've done plus, despite being cheeky enough to have a website with my OWN NAME, I'm fairly disinterested in listing past accomplishments. They're there if you need them on Linkedin.


  • Social Media
  • Linkedin
  • Personal Brand
  • Messaging
  • Finding Your People
  • Human to Human Marketing
  • GEN x (and how us GEN Xer's show up)
  • Growing Great Small Businesses
  • Social Media (and social media antipathy)
  • Generation X. Generation Z
  • Midlife Direction
  • Working Motherhood

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