• About Rachel Klaver 

    Marketing Strategist, Presenter. Speaker. Author, Writer, Thinker

A little about Rachel Klaver

Ahh talking about myself in third person. My favourite...

So this is me

I'm a wife. A mother. A dog owner. A thinker. A writer. An author. A speaker. A presenter. A trainer

Whatever I do, these things are interwoven into my motivation, my actions, my choices.

I'm the chief marketing strategist for my Marketing Agency Identify

I'm passionate about human connection - and build my strategies for clients around building relationship with each person who chooses them.

I'm in my forties, so it's getting increasingly hard to sum up what I've done plus, despite being cheeky enough to have a website with my OWN NAME, I'm fairly disinterested in listing past accomplishments. They're there if you need them on Linkedin.


Marketing Strategist


Writing Books

Small Business Columnist for Stuff

Digital Sales Funnels

Connecting Marketing Activity Together

Nurturing Leads



Growing Great Small Businesses

Social Media (and social media antipathy)

Generation X. Generation Z

Midlife Direction

Working Motherhood


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