Hey there! Welcome to the page all about ME - Rachel Klaver


This is a very one sided meeting as I’m doing all the talking and the showing off...

 - so if you have a read and think “Rachel is my kind of person for my business or event do get in touch so I can meet you too!

In a world of tiny precise niches, I discovered the best niche for me was “whatever one I could stuff all my interests, experiences and passion into”

And that came down to “Helping people learn to connect with each other using content.”

Or… content marketing for people wanting to grow a connected and engaged community. 

I’ve often called myself a career octopus. I’ve worked across a wide range of industries. My first career was as a teacher, and I’ve been a teacher/trainer/facilitator or coach all of my adult life. 

After a brief stint as a (plus size) model, I learned I’m happiest in situations where I like to talk. Now I speak at conferences, events, on podcasts and webinars. Need this? 

I founded Identify in 2015, a coaching and training business to help small business owners and their teams become confident marketers (or at least understand it to outsource it!)

I work with you one-to-one or in my group coaching programme.

I run Identify with my husband Rod - who is my complete opposite in everyway. 

I'm a huge supporter of family run businesses, with us also employing several of our young adult children. 

Being about to work with the most important people in my life beings me a huge amount of joy - along with my dogs, my regular all-weather walks, and my love of great food, and trashy thriller novels. 

After writing 27 books on a whole range of things, in 2022 I wrote a book about content marketing: Be a Spider, Build a Web

I’m the host of the weekly podcast MAP IT Marketing, and a weekly small business marketing columnist for STUFF.

Basically  - I've managed to build an entire career around the things I love most - and like helping my clients do exactly the same!


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