What Fiji Rachel Wants, Fiji Rachel Gets

13.03.18 03:53 AM By Rachel Klaver

If you’re struggling to make the changes you know you need, maybe you need your own “Fiji Rachel” to come take charge.

I love goal setting. Goal getting can be trickier as I can easily get distracted by noise, stress, busyness and well, pretty much anything

I’ve found getting my future self to coach me has dramatically changed my ability to stay on track, no matter what

Last year I started a lifestyle change that saw me drop three sizes, improve my fitness and see lasting effects on my health.

I took a break over summer, mainly to check in with my body, listen to what still challenges me, and also to just continue to keep the process slow.

At the beginning of Feb I restarted, but have found with a very busy growing business, three teens, and life, that my goals were getting ignored.

I needed a coach. 

In a few months time we’re going to Fiji And when I’m in Fiji,  I want to enjoy cocktails, have pizza and generally enjoy things I don’t have now

So I thought about what my future self in Fiji would say about my current habits - and how she’s going to feel if I’ve not made the progress I wanted.And Fiji Rachel very much wants to benefit from all the hard work I need to put into practice now.

So Fiji Rachel’s become my coach. Don’t feel like exercise? Fiji Rachel’s got some pointers. Want that cookie? Fiji Rachel would prefer I didn’t

It’s working a treat, it’s motivating as anything, and I suspect Fiji Rachel is going to be really pleased I got her involved.

As a conscientious procrastinator on the hard jobs, getting my future self to coach me, and change my behaviours really works!It’s not a new concept and it’s not just Fiji Rachel coaching me along - Monday morning Rachel also likes Sunday Rachel to get the meal planning done. And change the sheets. Evening Rachel thanks Morning Rachel for putting the slow cooker on and making the bed. And $1.2 Million Rachel is helping today’s Rachel make better business growth decisions in her business

If you’re a procrastinator from way back, or just want to find another way to keep motivated when changing behaviours, try getting your “tomorrow you” involved.It might just make your future a little happier