I choose to not be part of the global SISTERHOOD

29.05.17 08:58 PM By Rachel Klaver

Far be it from me to bring religion into an argument, but there is an amazing quote in the bible “There is nothing new under the sun” 

Of course, with technology there are lots of new things we need to buy today, but essentially, people, and people’s behaviour is the same year in, year out. 

There is a new wave of women owned and run businesses that feed off the engines of social media (and particularly Facebook and Instagram) in ways I could never possibly emulate (some images are seriously beautiful both of products and the women selling them. Me – I forget to wear makeup and rarely do my hair :D), and this huge idea that this is new. The technology, and some of the methods to promote business IS new. The idea that far more women have started businesses from their kitchen table is NOT. 

I grew up watching The Waltons, and Little House on the Prairie – the women in these fields of wheat, with the sunlight glistening in their hair (not unlike our Hipster Boho Sisters) also ran businesses to supplement their income – raising chickens, collecting eggs, baking cakes, and making clothing and toys and candles and more.

Women – many of us have always created a business that fits around our children. We have often worked odd hours, and we have often made the same or more than our partners in doing so.

 And yes – feminism means there is more liberation, scope and selection of what we do, and how we do it – but women – many of us have always worked. 

And yet there is this SISTERHOOD that we are somehow meant to all be part of , us women who work, and us women who do not, us women with children, and us women without, us women with partners, and us women who do not. And somehow we are meant to build up every sister, and support each other in our endeavours because we are all one.

And I say…. NO STOP. 

I get to choose who is in my gang of “sisters” –and love and support my odd collection of outspoken, opinionated, creative, clever, slightly intimidating, self-effacing, witty, weird and positively odd women I connect with and love, and respect and admire. Mixed into this collection of course is also an abundant range of excellent males who are also the above 

But I don’t need to connect with every women based on the single connection that we share the same anatomy. To consider that we must somehow find connection and support all sisters is some kind of weird imprisoned and restrictive cultish feeling that leaves me feeling completely trapped. 

We naturally connect with others like us, and support who we choose to support – and as long as we don’t spend our energy taking other differently-minded groups down – we’re good. 

Yes – this might be my all-too-common rant – but BE who you are, and connect with who you want, and don’t buy into a weird compulsion to love every woman. Take the pressure off. 

Do I get an amen?