My little business baby - Introducing Identifyles

17.11.17 02:17 PM By Rachel Klaver

Last year I went on a holiday to Melbourne with my 16-year-old daughter and my sister. My sister dragged me along to a craft show that I loved so much I didn't leave for five hours. 

It was filled with small business owners, all with clever craft, fashion, and so much stationery 

I have a huge love of beautiful stationery. My writing is untidy, but at least the notebooks and pads I write on are pretty. 

I came home with an idea - taking all our planning sheets, that we use as an agency at Identify, and translate them into planning materials that our clients and others could use. I picked a name (it was a one word .com - how could I not choose Identifyles!), mocked up some planning pages and sent it to a designer. The result was awful. So I sent it to another designer and it still looked completely wrong 

I shelved it and focussed on our agency instead. We brought in our own in-house designer in May - and a few months in I showed her my original plan. Within an hour she'd mocked up exactly what I'd seen in my head, with some added beauty only she can manage. 

We had progress! 

It's been a huge learning curve - printers quotes that vary hugely, quality checks, mockups, pricing structures and working out the e-commerce side. It's far simpler to advise and do for others than to do for yourself! 

Today we sent off our Plan-Her for its first print run - it's a quarterly planner based around the sort of things I want in a planning book - a mix of both work, home life and self-care - along with planning sheets for marketing all in the same book. 

We've got big plans for our stationery range - the new range is under development, as well as new lines to add to our core offering. I hope you like my little baby as much as I do - if you want to check it out further please go to Identifyles