Two Things Donald Trump and I have in common

26.05.17 03:46 AM By Rachel Klaver

So yes – it’s me and Donald. And our two things. I wouldn’t even begin to claim that I am a lover of who Donald Trump is and what he supports, nor much of his values system. But I’ve come to realise that he and I have two things in common, and you may even share this commonality too. So here we go  
  1. We both love steak. Ok, so he likes it well done with a dollop of tomato sauce and I like it medium rare with a knob of blue cheese or mushrooms, but hey – we will always have steak Donald!
  2. We both have people who really connect with what we say, and how we do things AND we have people who really don’t. He has millions. I have considerably less :D But we BOTH HAVE PEOPLE.
The second is a super important part of being a business person. The more you define your personal brand, and who you are within your business, the more your business will reflect that. And some people will gravitate towards it, and others will not. 

You both define your tribe, and help people define what their tribe is NOT. And both are good. 

Your target audience will naturally sit within people who relate to you. Your anti-target audience will naturally sit within people who don’t 

No matter what I might say about how I REALLY feel about good ol’ Donald Trump, his followers will probably love him more with every tweet, or thumping handshake he does. It cements who he is for them. As he cements who he is for me. (For the record, I’m his anti-target) 

In times of self-doubt about whether I’m doing ok, and whether people like what I do, or see it as valuable, I’m going to focus on the fact Donald Trump has this whole community of people who like him better than he loves his steak. 

And I’ve got to trust that just like Mr Trump, I’m going to naturally collect around people who like what I do, what I think and what I create, just as I’ll repel all the people who don’t get it. 

Because really - this is how building a brand, and building a business works. To grow, people need to connect, but only the right type of people, at the right time. And as people opt in, others will always opt out. Regardless, if all else fails, me and him? 

We’ve still got steak. You in? 

PS: I am pretty sure these are really the only two things we have in common unless he really likes rose pink, in which case I might have three things in common with him.