Use the POWER of your face to grow your business

And connect with your audience like never before.

Are you hesitant about stepping into the spotlight for your business?

I get it! Not everyone dreams of becoming insta-famous, or being constantly on camera?!


That should be YOU. 

I'm here to help you become that trusted person for your ideal customers 

When you become a Content Masterwebber you will:

  • Gain the confidence to be the face of your business (and fully understand its power)

  • Learn how to communicate what makes your business unique

  • Be super clear on your marketing priorities

  • Know exactly what to post, and why

  • Master the content marketing strategies and techniques you need to stand out

  • Build a community of raving fans

  • Experience consistent growth with ideal customers

I'm your marketing coach Rachel Klaver

Rachel Klaver marketing coach for The Content Masterweb for small business owners.

When it comes to becoming the face of your business, I’ve walked the talk.

While I might look confident today, I had to force myself show up to save our business. And let me tell you, it was the most uncomfortable and terrifying thing I’d even done.

I was worried people would hate me

I was worried people would reject me

But most of all…

I worried everyone would ignore me and I would fail.

Instead, I discovered I found my people

I built a business I love

And no matter what’s happening in the world, the leads and new business keep on coming in.

Our faces, our voices hold power.

I want you to experience this in your business. I want you to show up confidently, and share your offer.

But I want you to also do more than that. 

I want to teach you everything I know about content creation as we build your stage, and grow your community. 

I want you to become a powerful content creator. 

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Spend Six Months Growing with Me

I created The Content Masterweb to work with a group of small business owners who are ready to grow their audience, and attract their ideal customers.

If you know your business needs your face to build trust, 

If you’ve got big plans in you that are waiting to be found and heard

If you’ve got a platform or stage you’re wanting to build 

This programme is for you.

What Our Content Masterwebbers Say

"I am loving this!  There’s so much value in the weekly modules – videos, workbooks, downloadable resources and the weekly Zoom calls are just brilliant.  It’s so useful to be able to connect with the other members and share the journey.  Rachel’s knowledge is incredible and there are so many brilliant gems each week – content creation, apps, editing, techniques.  It has saved me so much time from trying to figure this out on my own. Since I’ve started I’ve had an increase in followers and engagement but the biggest benefit I’ve gained is the confidence to start experimenting and the belief that I can not just do social media, but do it well!”

- Sheryl Takayama

Why Weight Nutrition

Rachel has incredible knowledge in Marketing and Social Media. I have utilised her for marketing strategy and taken her Content Masterweb course. She freely provides loads of tips and tools with social media platforms. I have learnt so much and gained confidence as I begin to understand this social media world. What's wonderful is she ensures she keeps up to date with the latest trends and passes these on to us, her clients. Rachel is absolutely an expert in her field. Cannot recommend her enough.

Allison Fisher, Change Coach.

I met Rachel on a free course in chch and now have worked with her one the Content Masterweb coaching programme. The knowledge and skills that Rachel has, have been so valuable to me as a business owner and not knowing where to start!! Her content is full and her tips and tricks really do help!! I’ve learnt how to create cool videos and how to post them on different Socials!! (I'm a boomer so it's really tough for me!!) I definitely feel like I have more tools and support since this course

- Janet Stott, Homegrown Primal

Enquire about joining The Content Masterweb

Join our exclusive community of like-minded business owners.

​Here's what your six month journey will look like:

  • An initial one-on-one session to set goals and create your content plan
  • A first month intensive with a small group for additional coaching
  • Monthly 1to1 laser coaching calls
  • Twice weekly group coaching/ training sessions tailored to your needs. (also recorded)
  • In-depth teaching and resources including workbooks, worksheets, and more. 
  • A dedicated Facebook page for constant support and encouragement
  • And encouragement and accountability in spades 

By the end of the six months you'll have mastered a range of different types of content, from writing captions to making videos, converting emails and Canva creations. You'll also be more confident in using your chosen core platform. All designed to help you increase your community, your leads and your sales.

And... if you're like the REST of my amazing clients, you'll also get to stay as long as you like for just $395+gst a month once your six months are up! (they just don't want to leave!)

Ready to step into the spotlight and grow your business like never before?
​The Content Masterweb is ready for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start?
What is the Investment Required?
What is the time commitment?
When can I start?

Each new intake is on the first Tuesday of the beginning of each month.

You'll join the group after you've a one-on-one with Rachel Klaver. 

What is the Investment Required?

Work with Rachel Klaver for just $3765+gst for six months. (or $627.50+ gst per month for six months) 

This includes an inital one-on-one session with Rachel to ensure you're content framework is set, and to also determine your goals, and your platforms of choice

It also includes 6 months access to the lessons and resources in The Content Masterweb school, our dedicated Facebook group and twice weekly group coaching sessions with Rachel. (these are also normally recorded, so you can watch later)

**If you receive funding from the regional business partner fund, you can have up to $1290-$1882 +gst of this covered, depending on the six of your business, and where in NZ you are located. 

What is the time commitment?

We normally recommend budgeting four hours a week for your coaching and content creation.

Some weeks you might have more time, and some weeks you'll have less

In the first month, you will be on a large learning curve so put aside time to RELAX into it. 

However the coaching and training is very practical, and will help you create your content faster, and more effectively.

In terms of regular times - there are TWO group coaching sessions with me a week (nearly every week) 

THESE are powerful - and you should prioritise coming to at least one a week where possible.

Tuesday is better suited to beginners, simpler strategies

Thursday is for DIGGING DEEP 

And ....there are extras, including free online co working sessions, in person content creation sessions, masterminds, and free or heavily discounted attendance at public events. . These are all optional.

 Here’s how it will work:
  • Once accepted, You and I will do some initial one-on-one work together, combined with some online training to really nut out your content strategy framework, and choose your core social media platfrom.  
  • You'll then be ready to dive into our weekly group coaching - where we take a different type of content every week and dig deep into how to produce it. You'll be using your framework every week in practical acitvities to create your content. 
  • All content marketing areas will be covered more than once through the year, allowing you to go deeper and become more confident with each time. 
  • You'll be invited to attend weekly live group coaching calls. (or catch the replay if you miss one) 
  • You’ll get access to detailed online training to support our sessions, inside our online school
  • We give you two breaks in the year - one over the Christmas/New Year break, and the other over June/July 
  • You'll get lots of extras designed to help you with your marketing through the year.
  • We’ll provide support, access to your coach Rachel Klaver, and regular Q&A and teaching sessions in a private facebook group
  • We’ll work across the main social media platforms ( Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Linkedin)
  • We’ll focus on building your personal brand, your confidence
  • NOTHING will be compulsory (we’re all adults here) but we'll help you remove blocks to types of marketing and platforms like videos, lives, reels, blogs (whatever you hate/fear)
  • You help determine the content! If you've got a platform, a skill, an area YOU need to develop we'll make sure we cover it - either across a few sessions, or within our weekly coaching.
  • You'll get MORE than content marketing help. You'll be part of a connected and encouraging community. You'll make new connections. And you'll feel completely supported as a small business owner. 

Join for 6 months. Only $3675 +gst for six months. This includes an inital one-on-one session to create your content strategy (valued at $495), a month f NEWBIE coaching, weekly small group coaching sessions, access to everything for a year, and masterclasses,  and support across the year.

FUNDING is available through the REGIONAL BUSINESS FUND

You know you need this?