• Are you ready to build the stickiest, strongest and most effective content web for your business? 

    Be a Spider, Build a Web is more than a how-to book. It's a story of learning through mistakes, finding redemption and using new ways to build a business the best way - through building a bridge of trust, and a strong and sticky web of content that helps people come, stay and choose to work with you.

    Be a Spider, Build a Web. Sticky Content Marketing for Small Businesses by Rachel Klaver

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It's Time to Be a Spider

It can be hard to find the time, energy and motivation to market your business. Especially if you’ve tried before and it just hasn’t worked. This book will help change all of that. 

Before spending a cent on paid advertising, we need to make sure our content is sticky enough to keep people interested. If we make it super sticky, we might not need paid advertising at all. If you’re a small business owner who wants a consistently healthy stream of “nearly converted” leads at your door, this book is for you. As a kind and very non scary spider, you’ll learn how to build a strong web of content that attracts your ideal customer, and keeps them hanging around for more. 

Are You Ready to Build Your Web?