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MAP IT Marketing - a podcast to help you, the busy business owner, become more confident and capable in your marketing.

Tune in every week to learn, and be inspired and then pop back here for show notes, links and free resources to help you grow your business with effective marketing. 

MAP IT marketing is a mix of teaching times direct with me, Rachel Klaver, and amazing guest stars, generously sharing their knowledge and learning.

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About Rachel Klaver

Hello there!

I'm your podcast host for MAP IT Marketing. I'm so thrilled to be here, delivering this to you every week, as it's putting together a pile of my favourite things, and experience in my "day job" as owner and chief marketing strategist at Identify Marketing, my past experience as a writer and freelance journalist, my training as a teacher and educator, my love of getting in front of a crowd with public speaking, and my desire to help small business owners feel confident and great about this marketing.

I'm a strategist, coach, author of twenty-eight published books (most of them on parenting and education with a random one on Internet dating, and two on farming!), columnist for, and a mum of three daughters and fur-baby mama of three dogs. Along with walks, avid reading and a desire to get out fishing far more often than we normally do, I LOVE I get to do what I do every day.

PS: Send me a message, ask a question. If it's a great fit, I'll add it to my podcast and answer you during an episode! (Make sure you tell me who you are in the message. )

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