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Attract, Engage, Convert: Creating Irresistible Content Marketing 


Attract, Engage, Convert: Creating irresistible content marketing

(for service based businesses)

Spend three hours with me and you’ll fall in love with the power of content marketing AND learn how to use it for your business.

I know, I know…

The burden of creating content as a small business owner was NOT why we started our business in the first place!

But here we are - having to come up with ideas, work out what to say, and then hope it all works!

Imagine you didn't need to worry about that anymore.

Imagine if you had a clear action plan and knew exactly how to write content your ideal customer will find irresistible.

Imagine you understood what sort of content you needed to make, which social media platforms you need to focus on (it's different for each business) and then have a structure that gave you an INEXHAUSTABLE supply of content ideas for you to use.

Imagine you had a framework that pinpointed all the important things you needed to say, and then also gave you a guide to help you create the content you needed - from social media posts, to video (reels, Tiktoks and YouTube), and blogs. You can even use this framework for lead generation and more!

Spend a morning with Content Marketing coach Rachel Klaver and come out knowing what your content marketing strategy should look like, and what stage you need to focus on FIRST.

Attract your ideal customer, get them engaged and invested in your content and then..

Make more sales.


In this jam-packed three-hour workshop, we'll talk about the elements of your content strategy, the five steps of a customer journey, and how to put it all together (phew!)

You'll learn:

  1. How to see your content strategy like a spider web
  2. Why adding value isn't about always sharing knowledge
  3. The five stages of a customer journey
  4. What stage you need to focus on right away
  5. Why you are leaving money on the table today.
  6. Why you need a range of content types to get your message across.
  7. How to build out the bones of a content strategy

PLUS you’ll get up-to-date methods, strategies, and ideas to help you know what sort of content you should create and where. Come ready to learn, take piles of notes, try new things out, and get to grips with your content strategy

Plus, Rachel’s book Be a Spider, Build a Web: Sticky Content Marketing for Small Businesses will be available to you to help fill in all the gaps a three hour workshop can not possibly fill! - if you think you might need it, please bring $30 cash for it to get it on the day (normally $35 + postage)

W ho should attend this Content Marketing Workshop?

If you are a service-based business who is already getting some word-of mouth and/or repeat business, and want to attract more of your ideal customers, this workshop is for you.

The types of businesses who get the most out of it can be either a solopreneur, or have a team. But it will be the BUSINESS OWNER who is leading the marketing (perhaps with help/support.)

This is ideal for:

Coaches, consultants, accountants, agency owners, fitness professionals, nutritionists, allied health professionals, anyone who knows they need to build a biger profile as part of thier marketing, and have big goals in your business.

This content framework works on every social media platofrm from Linkedin to Instagram, to Tiktok to Facebook.

Each participant will receive at the Content Marketing Workshop:

  • A high energy, well paced three- hour session others have valued at over $700
  • A book for notes and learning
  • Planning sheet templates to create your own content plan
  • Ideas, inspiration and confidence to dive in and get started.

Meet Rachel Klaver, your Content Marketing Coach

Rachel Klaver has worked with thousands of small business owners on their marketing, with a specific interest in content marketing strategy. As a small business owner, often low on time, and with a distinct aversion to admin, Rachel loves helping other small businesses catch the marketing bug.

Rachel's a weekly marketing columnist on (check her out every Monday), the host of MAP IT Marketing, a podcast for small business owners, and the author of Be a Spider, Build a Web: Sticky Content Marketing for Small Businesses.


“I went along to the session with pretty low expectations - a free seminar is not likely to be worth my time and probably just a glorified sales pitch for some over-priced programme - WRONG!!!! I can't say how good this session was!! I am in my first year of business, have been working really hard to wade through all the confusing and conflicting marketing info online and have been putting my time, energy and money in all the wrong places! Rachel's session helped me understand in a really simple way what I need to do, in what order I need to do it and what to expect when I do it. I am so excited to have a plan to move forward, and I have started taking the new action steps in the right direction now confident and relaxed about marketing my business. I would give Rachel 10 stars, I am blown away she ran this session for free!” - Peacock Projects

I'm a strategic marketer, but happy to eat some humble pie and say that I picked up some really useful nuggets that I'll be implementing into my own business asap! Lots of moments of reassurance I'm on the right track, and a few moments where I was forced to rethink what I thought I knew. My highest endorsement for someone with a marketing background - she really knows her stuff when it comes to content and strategy.”- Kylie Rae

"I loved how things were explained without jargon, and I really can not believe it was free!" - Alex Campbell

"Rachel is straight to the point, runs on time and made me feel like she was working with us all personally." - Megan Edwardson

"There was so much practical teaching. Rachel is super passionate about helping us as a small business." - Vicki Moselen

"Highly recommended. You get simple tools and strategies to sort out your content" - Amie McCabe

"Rachel makes it all feel easier than I thought it would be. I'm social media adverse but now I feel so much more confident. It also really helped me refine my niche." - Fiona Douglas

"Such a passionate and interesting speaker! She really knows her stuff! Rachel shares real-life experience, and knowledge. She is NOT a boring lecturer! Loved it and will be back for more." - Miranda Simmons

"This was particularly helpful and useful for me." - Liv Larppe

"Rachel taught us such gold. She brought content marketing to life, and is a fantastic and energetic presenter." - Lesley Lucas