Episode Thirteen - Managing Marketing Overwhelm

16.07.21 06:05 AM

Marketing overwhelm has the power to take us to meltdown. We either freeze, flee or fight and in the end the only thing we don’t do is keep on going on.

In this episode we walk through practical steps to help overcome marketing overwhelm in your small business.

Marketing overwhelm has the power to take us to meltdown. We either freeze, flee or fight and in the end the only thing we don’t do is keep on going on.


“Sometimes I need to remember this is not the time to learn that new thing because it’s not a current focus for the business”


“When marketing overwhelm is overtaking me it’s normally that either something is out of whack with my actual life or I’m not taking enough time for myself”


“Your marketing plan needs to be something that is manageable for you today, right now”


Business owners often struggle to maintain marketing for the following reasons:

  1. Being a business owner is a big job and if marketing is not something you know and understand, the pain of learning and keeping up with everything feels too tiring

  2. There isn’t a plan that starts with where you are right now

  3. It’s a long term game, and takes a while to see results. When you are working in other areas of the business that sees near instant results, it’s hard to maintain a habit without quick reward

  4. It’s something we often do in our spare time because we’ve built a business around our clients

  5. We are scared of making mistakes 


I’ve felt all of these myself as a business owner. I might be a marketing strategist for other businesses, but often my marketing was historically done outside business hours. 


I’m almost fifty and I sometimes struggle with the constant learning and change. 


Like most of us in modern life marketing has to fit with all the work that pays the bills, team needs, finding time to exercise, spending time with family and trying to keep the washing pile from not taking over my living room. 


I’ve had times when we really just needed a sale, and trusting the long term game was the scariest thing imaginable. 


I’ve persisted with marketing because I know it makes business growth easier long term. I’m a marketer because I’m a lazy salesperson. I don’t like cold calling. I don’t want to have to work hard to find each new client. I was people to come to us who are so converted it’s easy for us to start working together


I’ve pushed myself into learning because my clients need  someone to help guide them through learning. I’ve faced overwhelm because I want to remember just how painful it is when it doesn’t feel that easy to find the time, know how to do it, or where to start.


Through that I’ve learned so many ways to measure what’s really going on, how to get past the overwhelm and get your marketing humming.


So this podcast is all about what I’ve learned. Let’s get that overwhelm under control 



During this episode we discuss the following:

  • Why sometimes you need to stop following people to create your own content

  • How to avoid shiny object syndrome in your marketing

  • Why marketing overwhelm may not be about marketing at all

  • Why scheduling time in for marketing is essential

  • Why long term thinking can get you over the learning pain

  • How long it takes to see results

  • Why it's ok to take it slow 



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