Episode Seven - What you can do on your website today to improve your ECommerce sales with Tracey Smith

04.06.21 06:00 AM

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working with hundreds of small business owners, it’s that a large percentage of us do not value what we do enough to make sure we’re getting paid for all our hard work.

We definitely pay our team, our suppliers and we’re all about the great deals for our customers… but when it comes to us? We come last!

EP 7: What you can do on your website today to improve your ECommerce sales 

With Tracey Smith


“My job is not to decide how someone is going to buy from me. Why are we putting hurdles in the way stopping people buying from us?” - Tracey Smith

“We want to buy from artisans. We want to buy from small businesses. We want that real human touch” - Rachel Klaver

“It’s like going out for dinner, we want our visitors to eat with their eyes, and your website is there to create desire and build that need” - Tracey Smith. 

If I could log all the common questions people ask in Facebook groups about their business the question “How do I get more people to buy from my ecommerce business” would be right up there at the top. 

It’s a rude shock to many small business owners just how much work is involved not only in getting people to your site, but then getting them to buy! 

We’ve got a special love for retail and ecommerce at my agency Identify. We really enjoy helping small business owners get more sales. 

While we naturally talk a lot about social media, marketing automation, and digital ads, one of the first areas we look at is the website.

There is so much you can do on your own digital real estate to get more clients. 

I’m so thrilled that Tracey Smith, one of our Identify strategists (and the leader of our Australian team) joined me on today’s webinar. Along with working with us, Tracey has her own ECommerce store, and tests out everything we teach our clients. 

In this episode we’re going to walk through so many areas - this is truly a deep dive of tips, ideas and strategy!



During this episode we discuss the following:


  • Why you really need an awesome About Us page (and why it converts people to customers)

  • The effects as welcome sequence has had on Tracey’s business

  • What you need to add to every page

  • What platforms the website should be built on and why

  • Why your website needs to “talk to” other platforms on the internet

  • Whether you should be using Popups 

  • How to protect your online assets

  • Cool tools you can use to get a better picture of your business

  • Why you might need to simplify your front page. 

  • Making it easy for people to click buy now.

  • Why your website is a living organism

  • How to work out what parts of your marketing you may outsource in the future

  • Why you shouldn’t ever use your suppliers' content for your caption as it is

  • Walking through your user experience with fresh eyes.

  • Remember to take ideas for your business from other types of businesses



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