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Episode Thirty Seven - How Shelly Davies changed the course of her business
It’s often only when we stop and breathe that we can see our new direction, and things finally fall into place.
Episode Thirty Six - 11 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022
It’s the end of 2021, and 2022 is looming. I’ll tell you what I’d like for the New Year. It’s very simple. Some plans to stay put and work out To have limited change However the last two years have shown me that I have very little control over both of those things!
Episode Thirty Five - How I lost and found my voice in 2021
This year I’ve created more content across more platforms consistently than I ever have before. But I also nearly lost my own voice and style, the things that set me apart from every other marketer and content creator out there.
Episode Thirty Four - Marketing your regionally based business
It was day one of a new job in a new town. Toni had taken a job at a local radio station in Broome, Western Australia, and a tropical low pass went through and caused damage to buildings and businesses.
Episode Thirty Three - Should business owners check the source of their content?
Several months ago I was watching a Tiktok video about overcrowded beaches in Sydney during lockdown. I was stuck, feeling trapped, in lockdown in Auckland and the rule breaking in Aussie made me feel incensed.