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Episode Sixty Seven -  What the ACTUAL Instagram?! with Sarah Galbraith
There is one constant in digital marketing. And that constant is change. Sometimes it’s a change for the better, sometimes it’s not, and sometimes so much changes at once it’s hard to work out what on earth is going on.
Episode Sixty Six -  Sticking to your convictions for your own brand with Gemma Ede
I’m getting older (aren’t we all!) and often get super frustrated when trying to find clothing, and skin care that is targeted to me, but uses younger faces and bodies. I want to see things using my type of skin. Or my type of body.
Episode Sixty Five -  Getting the sticky on working in a family business
I’ve got a particular love for family run businesses because we’ve got one ourselves! So when I heard that Fiona from The Damson Collection was now working alongside her son in her business, I really wanted to find out how that dynamic works.
Episode Sixty Four  -  Is using a webinar for lead generation a dead duck?
Our guest today, Vanessa Victor has a saying. “Once you’ve met a Neuro Divergent person, you’ve just met a neuro divergent person.” What that means is that the way a neuro divergent brain works will present itself differently in everyone.
Episode Sixty Two -  Eight steps to marketing during a recession
While there are a few outliers who are thriving at the moment, many of the business owners I’m speaking to are definitely seeing a cool down in leads and sales at the moment.