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Episode Seventeen - Are Case Studies the secret weapon you've been looking for?
If you are a service based business, you need to add Case Studies to your marketing strategy. These powerful marketing stories help people see themselves in your happy client’s shoes, and can imagine all the good things you could do for them too.
Episode Sixteen - How to create engaging captions for social media
Years ago, when I was a primary teacher, I discovered that the thing I was worst at teaching was art. And I was great at teaching PE. It was weird, because I love art, and creativity and PE? Well that’s not something I’m naturally good at!
Episode Fifteen - Use the Seven Elements of Great Storytelling to Get Better Clients
Today in episode 20 of MAP IT MARKETING we’re talking stories, and the power of using them in your marketing And not just any story. But the most important story (for you)
Episode Fourteen- Selling Sweary Pins on Tiktok 
Tiktok is not just about lipsyncing to a song, or following memes, It can be a powerful marketing tool. Today we’re talking about how to use Tiktok as a product based business. (As a service based business I also learned a lot from this episode.)
Episode Thirteen - Managing Marketing Overwhelm
Marketing overwhelm has the power to take us to meltdown. We either freeze, flee or fight and in the end the only thing we don’t do is keep on going on. In this episode we walk through practical steps to help overcome marketing overwhelm in your small business.