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Episode Ninety Eight - Getting People to Pick Your Product - with Product Packaging Queen Laura Feavearyear
When it comes to products on a shelf, what makes someone buy yours (unless it’s a firm favourite they buy all the time”) is going to start with the packaging.
Episode Ninety Seven - Making the most out of your Virtual Assistant
The first time I got a Virtual Assistant it bombed. It wasn’t the VA’s fault. It was 100% mine.
Episode Ninety Six -  When you are ready grow beyond markets and selling direct with Anneliese from Tikitibu
For makers and creatives, there's a huge shift that needs to be made when we start to commercialise our art and creations. It’s one thing to create an original, prepare things in small batches.
Episode Ninety Five -  Dealing with the juggle of running a business while parenting
While this podcast is offically all about marketing a small business, the truth is that one of the reasons so many of my clients struggle (and perhaps you too) is because there’s a whole heap of time and energy poverty caused by that juggle of parenting, and running a business
Episode Ninety Four -  The Linkedin social selling method with Kate Nankivell
If Linkedin is on your list of platforms you need to do better on in 2023, then this episode will get you taking notes and even more importantly taking action on your marketing this year.